About Us

Yum Yum Restaurant has become a household name in many homes in the GTA and other places even outside of Canada as we opened January 1998 on Dufferin Street in Toronto under the real Yum Yum Maestro and big Chef which is my Mother Norma Edwards, the real Yum Yum story if anyone should know.
Along with Sheryl Bernard, Melissa Hamilton my older kids and others too numerous to mentioned we started the journey that has landed us to where we are today. Big Respect to all.

We expanded to Weston Road in 2003 with a second store but was forced to close the Dufferin location as the demand was too great to produce and maintain the quality of meals and customer service which is what we pride ourselves on. Stayed at Weston until 2013 then made a big move to East York and after a year and a half purchased another spot in the same plaza we started, on Dufferin and after a year history repeated itself as we had to close the East York location to focus on only one store, Dufferin.

Guess I watched and continued after mom took her expertise to a different level to pursue what was easier for her, and learned some of mama cooking, and today we operate the only All You Can Eat Jamaican Buffet In Ontario if Not Canada.
4 different stores over 20 years in 3 different location taught us to head for the sky more so with Jesus steering the ship from the beginning……… No we didn’t forget Him we just saved the best for last and took this Jump to 21 George street.

At this location there are 2 events rooms housing capacity of 100 people in one and up to 30 people in the other. Onsite parking and good vibes.
Lawd Yu Think U Neva Lef Yard at Yum Yum All yu Can Eat Jamican Buffet. Check out the website yumyumca.com